A Saga



A New Year is a wonderful thing. A time for fresh starts and a time to set higher goals or perhaps renew some that didn’t quite get done in the past twelve months. But I’ve been burned by the “New Year’s resolution mindset”. Done in a way that set myself up for failure, they left a bad taste in my mouth. Preaching against the silliness of setting these goals at a particular time of year when we ought to be living that way every day, yadda ya… Well, something happened around this New Year’s and I must admit, I’m excited. There’s just something in the air. It’s going to be a great year for our family, and with that, I mean great things in God’s eyes, not like we’re going to have a million dollars dropped in our lap or anything. I just feel focused and focused feels good! And so begins my saga;)

I’m on track, putting away Christmas and reorganizing our very tight space in this 800 square foot house…the hubby get’s into it and is helping immensely, he’s an organizer! I have a list a mile long of what must be accomplished within the week or the year just won’t get off on the right track. So we’re chuggin’ along and…THE FLU hits the house. Dropping like flies, the whole fam (excepting myself), come down with 102 temperatures and are coughing their lungs out. So much for the tidy house! We’ve got snot rags everywhere, the sticky humidifier going, chicken soup simmering, piles of dirty dishes and hot tea flowing endlessly. There’s a bit of a hypochondriac¬†in me when it comes to germs. If I havn’t caught it yet, I will do everything in my power to keep myself well. I probably smelled like a giant walking garlic clove but hey, I was staying well! I struggled to keep up my good attitude but DID, thank you very much. I was an awesome nurse and even kept my new year’s resolution motivation movin’ forward thing going. Deciding I had to get a central place for by new and beloved camera, older and needs to be babied computer, place to run my business, blog, pay bills, etc. Does that really need to be explained? No, but you do need to understand, every square inch that has been filled in this house needs to be justified. (One of my upcoming posts will be the nitty gritty of living in 800 square feet with six not so small people!) So, I went to Office Max and found a compact corner desk that was on clearance, (woohoo), and bought it. It’s one of those deals that comes in a flat, huge, crazy heavy box with a thousand pieces. Yep. So, I brought it home and opened it in my car and piece by piece brought it upstairs and put it together. It was a headache but I did it all myself, with the help for a few minutes by a couple of kids whose fevers had broke or they were so bored of watching tv that they pulled themselves upstairs to see if they could be better entertained watching mom be handy woman;) At one point the hubby came in and laughed at me but returned later to see I was doing just fine and affirmed that this was a really good idea and was glad I was doing it. Well, I have my office nicely put together in a room that has proved too small for anything else and it feels good.

During all this, really all of December, I had been longing for the kids to go away. You know, just for a week. Before we got back to school with a new schedule, etc. Boy, could I really get on top of things if they’d just go somewhere for a week. OK, maybe a couple days…a day. So, there tends to be a sense of humor skyward, it seems. On Friday, I came down with the bug. Hadn’t enough time passed to stop taking my fist loads of pills?! Forced to slow down…thrown flat on my back. (I have to say though, my regimin is pretty good cause I kept the fever low and did not get the horrid cough! Another post for another time.) Sweet and healthy husband and children went to church…9-noon, no kids! Had friends step in to watch my sweet and healthy children at class today 9-3, no kids…while I was feeling well enough both days to get piles of computer work accomplished, I found something funny. Though I was very excited about being child-free, the time wasn’t enough. A week wouldn’t even have been enough. There would always be something more to get done that annoying kids really slow down.

Facebook. I have had to back away. Relationally driven and like a crack addict, I’m at it all day. My phone conveniently buzzing me every time there’s activity related to me and a lot of the time not. I literally can’t rest when my phone buzzes. Got to see who it is, email, text, whathaveyou. Do I treat my family that way? Let’s see…”Mommy!”, gut reaction = dread, “what now?!, “why can’t they just get along/be quiet/behave…GO AWAY?” The Devine Humorist brings in a more serious note…Think I need a resolution? Yeah. Just going to focus on the one’s I have physically¬†right in front of me to love and serve and live in relationship with every day. The piles will aways be there and I will get to the most important as need be but my family has me for 2013.