Bold Riley


We breed AKC English Springer Spaniels here at A.D.Acres and have one litter a year. Springers are just wonderfully rounded dogs, perfect for most any walk of life. But that’s for another post when the puppies are looking for new homes;)

Meet Riley who I named after one of my favorite folk songs titled, Bold Riley expertly sung by The Wailin’ Jenny’s.¬†Why would I name my dog after a sentimantal sea chanty oozing with heartbreak, telling the story of two lovers having to part, perhaps forever? I don’t know. I just really like old, moody songs. Does there really have to be good reasoning behind how I named my dog? And anyway, just look at him! How could you not be a dog lover and crazy about Springers?!





Riley is ten months and we hope will prove to be a good sire for our upcoming litters. He’s a looker!



I promise, there was no photoshop done on this picture. He’s always making me smile but this is just hilarious!