Darling Dexters



Meet Elsie and Rosalie, our Irish heritage breed Dexter cows. We purchased these girls in November, 2012 and expect great things from them. They are wonderful at putting our coastal grasses to use and we look forward to having our own fresh milk!


Doesn’t she have a cute hairdo?


Playing with my Christmas present from Hubby, a Rebel T3i. A Cardinal was quite curious. While concentrating on the zoom and manual focus, the cows snuck up and started nibbling my hair!


Dexters are a bit more like a goat in their dietary choices. Scrubby is what I call it, meaning they’ll eat twigs, and leaves and such along with grass…and hair, making them pretty hardy during Winter time or drought. I even caught them one day in the back at the burn pile, happily eating a paper bag! (Should’ve grabbed my camera.)