How do the kids handle it? I’m asked fairly frequently. They handle it fine. They know what these animals are for and though they have alot of fun with them, I guess they keep perspective. Even today, they helped with the nitty gritty of turkey butchering and had a blast! If it comes to one of our puppies having to be put down now, that’s an entirely different story. That was a rough day. But mom had to keep perspective. These are creatures given to us to be good stewards of and they’re not people. We are to care for them as best as we’re able and do what’s right if they’re not going to be able to serve their purpose or if they’re suffering. I guess I’m learning the hard lessons of farm life…or is it just life?


These cute little porkers are gonna make some good bacon!





“You smell funny.”



Chicken run!



A luxurious charcoal bath.



Dusty faces.